Rick and Morty is continuing its candy-colored descent into the minds of Rick Sanchez and the Smith family. This week, Rick and Morty did battle with the toxic parts of their personality personified and Morty unleashes his inner Wolf of Wall Street. Here's some of the best moments from "Rest and Ricklaxation" 

1. Rick & Morty's burnout 


What starts as a day at school for Morty to flirt with newly single Jessica took a sharp left turn into a six-day adventure with Rick that completely wears the two of them down. Rick in particular loses the sarcastic veneer and completely freaks out, which is the show's most naked attempt yet to show just how damaged he is. And he's not even crying REAL TEARS. 

2. Toxic Rick & Morty 


After a trip to an intergalactic day spa, Rick & Morty's toxic traits are literally ripped from their bodies. Toxic Rick is the entitlement, narcissism, and "irrational attachments" personified, while Toxic Morty is all of Morty's doubt and anxiety rolled into a self-deprecating ball. Even after real world Rick & Morty's detoxified selves start showing just how healthy (and unhealthy) they can be, they prove they're not going down without a fight. Rick's toxic side even proves to care about Morty and Morty's healthy side proves to capitalize on his failed potential with an annoying sense of newfound happiness.


They later learn that the detoxification machine itself can't tell the difference between what's toxic or not; it goes based on the user's own definition. Morty sees his crippling self-doubt as toxic yet his unchecked teenage interpretation of "confidence" has him running wild, while Rick sees his attachment to Morty - on top of the narcissism and entitlement - as toxic yet concdeds that he's never given his toxic half the wheel when it comes to controlling his body. On a show with some heavy emotional curveballs, that's one for the books.   

3. That terryfold song 

"C'mon, grab my terry folds." This songs pops on a radio starting that Healthy Rick & Morty listen to as soon as they leave the day spa and it's the best in-universe song the show's offered up since "Get Schwifty." And it only gets better with the extended version that plays over the credits. 

4. The Voltron drones 

Great Things About Rick & Morty Episode 6:

Rick tracks down Healthy Morty - now working in the stock market ala Wolf of Wall Street or American Psycho - and injects his toxicity back into him with the help of flying drones. They also come together and form an adorable little Voltron with a sword, so I'm expecting collectibles and cosplays built around this treasure.