With its larger-than-life characters, high-octane action, and fantastical setting, there really isn't all that much separating HBO's Game of Thrones from a standard anime. In the void left from Season 7, people keep trying to figure out how the world of Westeros will survive as a spinoff series and these fanartists make a pretty strong case that the best way to keep the story going might be as a kickass anime.

1. "A Girl Has No Name" by @IsaacHein3

arya stark nymeria direwolf anime otaku fanart


2. A Lannister Family Portrait by siuuu

game of thrones lannister

3. Moe-Style Daenerys and Her Children by knighthead

anime style daenerys


4. Sansa and Littlefinger by The straw

petyr baelish


5. Jon and Arya Reunited, Manga Style by Sakurada

anime game of thrones arya jon snow king in the north game of thrones

6. Team Dragonstone by DAISY

missandei varys daenerys tyrion grey worm


7. Arya and the Hound by Danusko

the hound arya team up anime fanart


8. Ned and Catelyn by West

chibi ned stark anime

starks lady stoneheart chibi anime style


9. "Collecting My Favorite Grandfathers" by Tattoo

mormont aegon brinden tarly blackfish davos seaworth meister rywyn


10. Young Robb Stark and Jon Snow by shadowfree99

game of thrones anime


11. "It's n-n-not like I WANT you to bend the knee, baka!" by sbalac



12. Futurepunk  Daenerys by Ross Tran



13. Shireen Baratheon and Lyanna Mormont by Lwd

cute anime game of thrones


14. Team Arya by elliesky

arya gendry jaqen


15. King Tommen and Queen Margaery by Hadibou