Continuing on the show's dark streak, Rick & Morty meet up with an Avengers-style team of space heroes called The Vindicators and ruin them for everyone. Follow us through the portal. 

Meet The Vindicators 

Rick & Morty Recap: Vindicators 3: The Return Of World Ender

During an afternoon of parasite hunting in the garage, Rick & Morty recieve a call to adventure from The Vindicators, a team we've never met with whom Rick & Morty have worked before. The team includes Super Nova, Million Ants, Crocubot, Lance Maximus, Alan Rails, and easily amused janitor Noob Noob. I'm still stuck on whether or not I'd want the power to summon ghost trains.


Morty throwing down his Rick Adventure punch card for the 10th time is a great callback to the agreement they hashed out in "Meeseeks And Destroy."    

Saw-ing The Vindicators


The group is set to destroy an alien monster called World Ender, but it turns out that Drunk Rick already took care of World Ender and decided to put the Vindicators through Saw-like challenges in an attempt to remind them that they're not special or different (Morty moaning "That's always the point" is heavy and hilarious).

The team eventually descends into chaos just as Drunk Rick predicted. The revelation of Super Nova and Million Ants' affair leads to a jealous Alan Rails' death by ant explosion; the vain Lance tries to retreat but is dismembered by booby traps; Crocubot turns out to be more croc than bot when it's crushed by a fake galaxy map. It's Morty - who's more than used to Drunk Rick's egomania - who leads the team through Rick's deadly condescending games and realizes that above all else, Rick is actually jealous of The Vindicators. If Rick and his action being read up and down for filth is the theme of the season, count me in. 

"Who do we make the check out to?"


For the third and final game, Drunk Rick asks for the one thing that he values about The Vindicators. All signs point to Morty, since we're under the impression that Rick's jealous of his love for The Vindicators, right? As Morty makes his way through a dinky theme park ride and Rick is making vague emotional statements about how he appreciates...someone ("Goddamnit, why am I crying?"), it turns out that the one thing he appreciates is Noob Noob the janitor. Crushed isn't even the word to describe it. 

They survive and Morty gives Rick the cold shoulder until Super Nova kills Million Ants and tries to kill both Rick and Morty in an attempt to protect the galaxy. It turns out that Drunk Rick organized a party on the roof and invited people from across the galaxy. Morty might've just grown another grey hair.        

There's a lot to unpack here, so sound off. Are Rick's insecurities surprising? Is Noob Noob the next fan favorite? Would you want the power to summon ghost trains?