1. In Steven Universe the battles can actually alter the landscape

steven universe battle


2. Charlie gave himself a tattoo in season 2 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia that's still there years later

always sunny charlie badnew tattoo

charlie tattoo always sunny season 9

3. Community not even trying to hide how many in-jokes and easter eggs they put in that show

community egnant baby delivered


4. Varrick in Legend of Korra uses the proper Chinese hand sign for the number 6

chinese hhand number six


5. In season 3 of The Office, Dwight admires a wooden chair at David Wallace's house. By Season 9, he has one of his own

the office weird chair hello

6. In Season 3 of Better Call Saul Kim teaches Saul the "dollar" trick to establish client-attorney privilege that he uses in Breaking Bad

breaking bad better call saul


7. In the background at Blips and Chitz, you can see a Mr. Meseeks succesfully help an alien improve his score on a videogame

rick and morty blips and chitz mr meseeks neat details


8. Michael Scott proudly displays a fake "Seyko" watch certificate as if it was an award

the office Steve carrel the office


9. As always, the Futurama writers will not half-ass a throwaway math joke

futurama tv details hell yeah math joke tv television animation


10. In the opening title sequence for Game of Thrones the actors' names are displayed next to their characters' house sigil... but the crew have special sigils for their jobs, like a peacock for costuming and two swords for the editor (known for making cuts)

game of thrones details