Consider the humble body pillow (also known as "dakimakura" in Japan). The perpetual icon of the lonely otaku that first gained prominance on internet chanboards in the 90s, it now is an omnipresent symbol of the weirder depths of anime culture. The dakimakura was once resigned to only the most desperately meme-worthy nerds, a representation of the tragic inability for fans to ever truly embrace their beloved 2D waifus, but in the modern context almost everything and anything can be pillow worthy.

Here's some that have moved so far beyond horny weirdness that they literally broke through the barriers of reality:

1. "Euphoric Gentlesir" by

neckbeard boy pillow


2. All Might (My Hero Academia) by AllKindsOfYES

boku no hero academia

3. Alien Xenomorph Queen by Coey Kuhn

alien queen


4. Shoebill (from Kemono Friends) by @darkmaya12 (NSFW)

kemono friends shoebill love pillow anime wtf


5. Winston (Overwatch) by tralalabara

winston body pillow artwork

6. Salazzle (Pokemon Sun/Moon) by @shirokoma_bgl

sexy pokemon salazzle


7. West German Panzerfaust 3 Anti-Tank Weapon via charactergoods

panzerfaust body pillow


8. Late for Meeting / Time for Sushi naked guy by Sakkan



9. Sexy Shark Maid by LiaraKCrane



10. Starscream by norunn8931

transformers starscream


11. Ritsuka (Fate/Grand Order) by Kola

weird anime pillow ategrand order


12. Sans (Undertale) by yugaiga@UT (NSFW)

sans skeleton undertale sexy love pillow dakimakura


13. Onigiri Rice Ball by @sesame

food sexy japanese body pillow


14. LEGO Ninjago / Nexo Knights by trina-of-doom

lego body pillows


15. Thresh (League of Legends) by @uhaaaalf

thresh league of legends fanart


16. WALL-E by Thomas

wall e anime love pillow wtf disney pixar


17. Michael Myers by Greypple

michael myers body pillows


18. Wendy O. Koopa by Jeatz-Axl

Mario kingdom


19. A Goddamn Velociraptor by owlapin

body pillow


20. The Body Pillow Body Pillow via

body pillow blankk