Heather Antos, a comics editor at Marvel, posted a very innocent selfie of herself and her Marvel team getting some milkshakes.

Of course, some people had a major problem with this. It's the internet. Heather Antos recieved a number of harrassing tweets and DMs, all because she posted a picture of her coworkers getting milkshakes. Why? Who knows! Anti-"safe space" people are pretty triggered when their "safe spaces" are threatened.

The nice part that while people came out to harass the Marvel Comic Editor, even more people came out to defend her.

Including DC:

And a comic artist at Dreamworks:

And just some really rad people who get it.

We at Dorkly support you, Heather.

Everyone just be cool with each other, okay? It's not that hard. Just chill out. Have a milkshake.