1.  Upsetting How Much This Fits (meme via meeseeks-and-destroyed)

rick and morty eminem moms spaghetti season 3


2. Someday, R+M will be a nostalgia meme factory (artwork by nearshotarts)


3. Me IRL





4. Does this count as anime, or is this like Legend of Korra? (photo by effervescenthoopla)

rick and morty daikamura anima love pillow waifu funny


5. Sharp observation, kind of a spoiler? (via freedricksanchez)




6. Ha ha ha ha- oh no my life choices (via schwifty-memes)

rick and morty fake doors


7. Pickle Rick is incoming, he cannot be stopped. (via charlesoberonn)

pickle rick thing


8. Points for creativity. (via nomadicvice)



9. It's just not fair, he never had a chance (via mulansauceins9)

ice cream slide down my throat


10. HELL YEAH (artwork by madchrison)





11. RIP the comments section, 2017-2017 (via its-schwifty-time)

John Mccain helath care politics rick and morty


12. Now this is the kind of fan-theory I can get onboard with (via tusssilago)

rick and morty


13. Checkmate, Christianity (via meeseeks-and-destroyed)

pickle rick morty


14.  Makes as much sense as any other horrorscope (via keepyourhandsonyourdingdong)

horrorscope schleem k and morty tumblr plumbus


15. Come on, don't make me choose (via disgruntledlungfish)