1. I hate this. So much. (meme via ua-highschool-confessions)

all might midoriya bakugo meme


2. *Beeping noises intensifies* (meme by weplayoverwatch)

bastion n midoriya erwatch anime meme

3. YouTubers are the REAL heroes... (artwork by sugarize)

my hero academia youtube tumblr

tsuyu asui froppy waifu best girl



4. BRO.





5. We've all been there (meme by waifusplit)

filler split Katsuki Bakugo tfw meme

6. 2Me4IRL (comic by hizashi)

micsensei my hero academia boku no hero academia


7. This will never not be funny and I think I have a problem (meme via haiderabd51)

dinkleburg fairly oddparents


8. Those are some real "meta" humans! (meme via o-with-a-taku)

bakugo dpool 4th wall break


9. OH NO. OH GOD NO. (comic by bowlofgabe)

 Fumikage Tokoyami funny comic

10. It's an old meme, but it still checks out (via shooku)

midoriya lemmee smash


11. And... there goes the comments section.





12. Anime memes from 25 years ago... TODAY!





13. This one hits too close to home (image via bnhaconfessions)

my hero academia


14. Yo, Hero Killer arc was damn good. (meme by lunardreemurr)

todoroki hero killer mha season two 2


15. This is the entire series, this is it. (meme via airig)