While other forms of social media base themselves around photos or pithy snips of text, the tumblr landscape is populated by artists, writers, gif-ers, and video editors in one of the most unique and unappreciated scenes online (surprise, it's not all intense arguing about the meaning of gender-identity). So we took a look at how the community has been enjoying Season 7 of HBO's almost-mandatory drama Game of Thrones

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1. Shall We Begin? (artwork by Alex Cho)

daenarys daenerys targaryen dragonstone

2. Conflict, resolved.

sansa n in the north bye stark game of thrones got

3. Making sweet love, Unsuillied style. (comic edit by ghostlykidarcade)

teen comix ndon reese game of thrones grey worm missandei

4. Everyone's favorite OTP (artwork by Cassafra5)

tormund brienne in love tarth wildling freefolk

5. Sisterly Advice



6. Forbidden magics (comic by Kris Yim)

arya stark faceless Walder Frey


7. Never trust a Baelish.





8. No comment. (edit via thefeelsofus)

clifford nymeria arya stark game of thrones season 7

9. Behold! The power of editing.





10. We regret to inform you...





11. What is it with this show? (shitpost via secret-knight)

euron greyjoy eunich


12. #2Me4Irl

theon greyjoy relatable euron greyjoy battle


13. Hey! Stop trying to make a point, we're trying to meme here!





14. For the figurehead of an unjust feudal government, she sure is scrappy!





15. This is what real betrayal looks like