It's kind of amazing to see how the hobby of cosplaying has evolved from "goofy excuse to wear spandex" to "multi-million dollar artform with its own celebrities and industries". So too has San Diego Comic-Con International grown in both participation and stature. So when all the nerdy eyes are on this one convention, the global cosplay scene knows that its time to step their game up. Here's 20 examples of how prop makers, models, costume designers, and makeup artists have honed their skills and taken cosplay to the next level at SDCC 2017.

We're still trying to get proper credits in place, so if you can help us ID someone's work, or let us know we made an attribution error, please email 

1. Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, and Amazonian by Sylvia Vale and @WonderWomanIsReal

Wonder woman movie dc dceu cosplay sdcc 2017 san diego comiccon
photo credit: Manny Llanura


2. Arkham Joker by Strange Dave, Lee Joyner, and Gabi Gonzalez

joker cosplay cinema makeup school

3. Iron Man Mk V by AZ Tony Stark

tony stark mark V n man san diego comiccon
photo credit: Manny Llanura


4. Ursula the Sea Witch by Joo Skellington


5. "I'm Mary Poppins Y'all!" by Capt Cash

Mary Poppins yallguardians of the galaxy yondu
photo credit: Adolfo Perez Design

6. Lady Broly by Devi Me Cosplay

dragon ball broly cosplay
photo credit: David Ngo


7. Elise the Trailblazer by Trillium Sage Cosplay

hearthstone cosplay sdcc san diego comic con
photo credit: Joits Photography


8. Angelic Princess Leia

princess leia carrie fisher angel cosplay
photo credit: David Ngo


9. Mega Man X

mega man x armor robot megamn cosplay san diego sdcc
photo credit: Manny Llanura


10. Doomfist by Henchmen Studios

Doomfist overwatch cosplay san diego comic con comicon
photo credit: Big White Bazooka


11. The Watchmen 

watchmen dr manhattan cencorship
photo credit: David Ngo


12. Fake Powerpuff Blossom and Mojo Jojo by Bizarre Au Go-Go

powerpuff girls prosthetics san diego 2017 cartoon network cosplay
photo credit: Jack Krolak


13. Moana and Thor

moana disney cosplay demigod thor odinson san diego comic con comiccon
photo credit: Jack Krolak


14. DCEU Flash

flash movie dceu comic con san diego sdcc
photo credit: David Ngo


15. Hawkman by Cap Santiago

hawkman cosplay justice league
photo credit: William Tung


16. Old Man Link 

link the legend of zelda badass cosplay old man nintendo makeup sdcc 2017
photo credit: Jack Krolak


17. Steve from Blue's Clues by Tara Cosplay

nickelodeon cosplay nick jr blues s
photo credit: Jack Krolak


18. "StormTrumpers" 

trump comiccon protest
photo credit: Henchman 21


19. Waluigi by Mick Ignis, Cig Neutron, and Rannie Rodil

Insane Waluigi Cosplay nintendo san diego


20. Princess Mononoke by Aristargirl Cosplay

ghibli hayao miyazaki anime cosplay
photo credit: The Nerd Lys