My Hero Academia has definitively emerged as the dominant new action anime for young boys (and the young at heart), having rocketed to popularity with the anime's most recent season. But rather than the determined and brave main protagonist Midoriya, a most peculiar character has risen as the Internet's courageous inspirational figure. In this world of high-drama and conflict people are declaring their love for Tsuyu Asui (aka: Rainy Season Hero "Froppy") as the breakout star of anime in 2017.

Let's figure this out:

1. According to twitter, she is the purest character ever seen before:

2. She has the incredible amphibian-like ability quirk "frog-form"

frog form

3. Fans seem especially protective of her

scrub frog twitter meme


4. Her character design is goofy yet appealing (artwork by Storme Prince)

froppy tsuyu my hero academia


5. She reminds people of that one reliable friend who isn't about the drama

ribbit tumblr character

6. She makes for a good lowkey cosplay (photo via SAIDA Cosplay)

kero froppy cosplay


7. Or a chance to go for a full bananas superhero cosplay (photo via kashi)

hero frog froppy


8. Her online reputation is raising awareness for My Hero Academia 



9. She's a female anime character who isn't all about fanservice (artwork by yoko666)

boku no hero academia ashido mina hagakure tooru jirou kyouka


10. Just try and name a more iconic frog character, I'll wait (artwork by noodlemage and kirvia)

kermit jim henson muppet anime fanart crossover mashup

my hero academia


11. She doesnt' put up with peoples' bullshit


12. Despite everything, she's still "waifu material" for many fanartists (artwork by Jayjiwoo Park)

froppy academia fanart waifu


13. There's an anxiousness in her expression that is just too damn relatable (artwork by whymustmyusernamebeunavailable)




anime my hero academai fancomic bakugou tsuyu


14. People are inspired by this unlikely hero, and they're celebrating their shared experiences

froppy twitter follow mutuals

15. Beginning to suspect the Internet just loves turning frog characters into memes... O SHIT WADDUP (artwork by picklestpickle)

anime meme here comes dat boi