It's kind of amazing how far and wide the Pokemon brand extends, with decades of popular games, an anime that is currently running for almost 1000 episodes and the mobile app for Pokemon GO has been downloaded by 1 tenth of the world's population. What I'm trying to establish that with a wide variety of globally recognized characters, the number of Pokemon knockoff products could rival the official ones. From this miasma of low-quality unofficial merch, tumblr user cinniharpy has reached into her own personal collection to share some of the plastic atrocities from the depths of her "pokemans bin":

pokemans bootleg pokemon

squirtle turtwig bootleg pokemon

vulpix weird

Mr Mime pokemon

arcanine bootleg pokemon


bootleg pokemon vigoroth

state of america reshiram zekrom


mega lucario

You can follow the cinniharpy's tumblr blog here, or check out their etsy page.