1. Zootopia starring Nicole Wilde and Jude Hopps by @loped00

zootopia genderswap


2. Harley (Harold?) Quinn by Juhairah Daksla

harold gender swap male harley quinn

3. Beauty and the Beast by Mabychan



4. Monkey D. Luffy by NOPEYS


5. Mario and Peach by thepinkmarioprincess


6. Hanzo and Genji Shimada by Steve Zheng

hanzo cross gender swap



7. Lady Cell by tokimonster

dragonball genderswap anime hello


8. The Little Mermaid by he

little merman disney genderswap ariel and ursula



9. Ken and Ryu by A G

ken masters street fighter genderswap

ryu street fighter swap


10. Garnet by Blanca J



11. Kylo Ren by elrem

kylo ren anime girl fanart


12. Junkrat-Chan! by wizardCAT

junkrat japanese girl fanart


13. Ash Ketchum by InHyuk Lee

ash ketchum swap pokemon


14. One Punch Girl by Rocky Wong



15. Jabba's Palace by Sylvia Li

star wars alternate universe slave leia universe