The success of the Wonder Woman movies has proved that Gal Gadot knows how to kick some serious butt as a just, badass woman so it's not much of a surprise that it's turning out that she's a badass in real life. The more we see from this woman, the more we we want to see of Gal Gadot. She's seemingly got it all and usually we'd hate that (the jealousy is real) but with Gal, we've got to hand it to her. Here are the 9 ways she's won our hearts:

1. She's pretty dang humble for someone portraying the worlds coolest fictional lady.

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2. She rolls with her mistakes with hilarious grace.

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Watch the short video of the flub here!

3. She shut down a reporter in true Diana style.


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4. She was able to laugh at stupid thought that almost cost her the role


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5. But when she did get the part, she geeked out like we all would.

Times Gal Gadot Really Was A Wonder Woman

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6. Her English language skills are on POINT but even when she flubs it, its still so good.


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7. And Gal knows how to keep things light in between scenes by dancing.

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8. Lots of dancing


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9. When Gal asked Chris who would win in a fight, Thor or Wonder Woman, Mr. Hemsworth knew the answer, obviously.

10. And last but not least, Gal knows what makes Wonder Woman special.


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Seems like Gal Gadot's husband is pretty fantastic as well.

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