This past weekend was one of the most unique annual geek events in the entire country, Colossalcon. In sunny Sandusky Ohio, the Kalihari resort is taken over by weebs, nerds, and cosplayers looking to show their craft in a fun waterpark setting, leading to a more fun take on the otherwise hyper-serious world of high-level cosplay. But if you're feeling left out, don't worry there's an East Coast version in September, so get that beach body ready!

If we've made an attribution error, or you can identify one of the unidentified cosplayers in this gallery, please send an email to and we will change whatever needs changing ASAP.

1. Beachside Dark Souls Solaire and Gwyndolin by @galaxy_captain and @yank_76

Dark souls cosplay funny beach
photo credit: David Ngo


2. Pool Party Hanzo by Rae Kay Cosplay

hanzo swim trunks colossalcon overwatch cosplay
photo credit: Martin Wong

3. Smug Anime Wendys Twitter by MuffinButt Cosplay

anime wendys swimsuit cosplay
photo credit: David Ngo


4. Lounging Zangief by Zeekayart

zangief street fighter funny cosplay
photo credit: David Ngo


5. Sexy Geodude by cosplayer unknown

geodude pokemon wimsuit shirtless buff osplay
photo credit: Tiny Whale Photography

6. Genderbent Bastion by Santana Cosplay

bastion swimsuit beach cosplay


7. Swimsuit Mei by Momokun Cosplay

momokun i overwatch bikini cosplay
photo credit: Martin Wong