As we enter the final marketing push for Spider-Man: Homecoming, most things are shaping up nicely: the film looks fun and like the Spider-Man we all know and love (aka "the exact opposite of the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man films"), it's a good feeling to see Spider-Man as a formal part of the MCU, and the trailers have all been solid, including the latest one released today:

But there's one aspect of the marketing that has gone WAY off the rails: the latest (and final) theatrical poster. It almost looks like a parody of bad Marvel movie posters, taking all the ugly mistakes of Iron Man and Captain America: The First Avenger and multiplied them. Check it out:


Just LOOK at that mess of a poster - it's like something I would have made circa 2006 with my newly-downloaded version of GIMP. Not only does it commit the classic Marvel poster sin of including multiple characters TWICE on the same poster (Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Adrian Toomes all appear in their civilian clothes and in costumed form), but it just looks like someone vomitted random photo assets all over a nice shot of New York and called it a day.

Naturally, the internet is ripping into it pretty hard:

The weird thing is that it REALLY didn't have to be this way - remember these really nice, simple, clever posters released recently of Spider-Man hanging around NYC?


And beyond that, on the same day that the crummy puke poster was released, an international version came out too - and it looks A WHOLE LOT BETTER:

The Whole Internet Is Roasting Spider-Man's Terrible New Poster

Sure, it's got a pretty out-of-place Iron Man present (and it's literally the same asset from the US poster, which shows how little effort was put into this overall marketing plan altogether), but it's focused and clear and DOESN'T have increasingly tinier people cluttering up every inch of the poster.

Then again, I guess things could always be worse...