Comic books have the reputation of being unchanging. Batman is always a sad loner in the dark, Spider-Man is always a poor New Yorker, and no one ever stays dead except for Uncle Ben. But that's not exactly true. Sometimes comics decide to shake things up a bit, and by a bit, we mean this:

1. Captain America is a Nazi


By his very nature, Cap is supposed to respresent America, and right now the country is arguably  -- just arguably, mind you -- face down in the gutter with blood all over its face. It's (arguably) a tough time for America, so that's why our Captain needs to keep calm, stay strong and uh... Hail Hydra?

That headline isn't an exaggeration. Captain America is a Nazi now. Technically he's the Supreme Leader of Hydra, but that's basically another term for Grand Dragon of Fascist Racists.  Hydra is and always has been a stand-in for Nazis (their leader, the Red Skull, is often seen wearing swastikas), despite what Marvel's latest PR lines might suggest.

and has recently taken over all of America and is currently working towards using a Cosmic Cube (which you might know as the Tesseract from the first Avengers movie) to change history so that the Axis won World War II... because, according to the comics, the Axis Powers originally did win World War II. Captain America, as it turns out, was always a Nazi It was only when the Allies used the Cosmic Cube to turn him good and rewrite history and... look, it's all incredibly confusing and doesn't make anything near a lick of sense, but here's the important things that you need to know:

Right now, Captain America has trapped superheroes in the cold vacuum of space, in a dark dimension and in Nevada. What could be worse, right?

steve rogers

Okay, painting the Hydra symbol on your chest and kneeling to Red Skull would be worse.

Then there's the part where Cap also just blew up Las Vegas, had his old best friend executed and has set up concentration camps for mutants and Inhumans (who are basically like mutants, except Fox doesn't own the film rights). And yeah, he's also fighting for the Nazis.

Because why wouldn't a character created by two Jewish men as a statement against Nazis be revealed as a Secret Lifetime Nazi?? 

If you've been following some of the more recent Marvel Comics, you might have heard that Sam Wilson (aka the Falcon) has been calling himself Captain America lately. Long story short, Steve Rogers became super old, Sam took up the shield and then Steve got better again. Recently, Sam gave up the Cap mantle after a friend of his got unjustly locked in jail and later murdered. So that leaves Steve Rogers as the only Captain America left, loyal to nothing but Hydra. He even gives Red Skull the boot when he no longer has use for him. 

captain america

If none of that makes sense to you, we're very sorry. We swear this is all actually happening. 

2. Wolverine's dead and also an old man


A short while ago, the Marvel Universe ended, was merged into another universe, and then rebooted because comic books have never made sense and never will. Shortly before the Universe ended, Wolverine finally died. Which is weird because his two main powers are "knives but in my hands" and "can't die." After his demise, a bunch of his proteges and enemies got together, cried, and then fought over who should be the new Wolverine, because apparently there is no such thing as reality television in the Marvel Universe. All the while, Wolvie's Adamantium-covered corpse just sits there like the mutant equivalent of Han Solo in Carbonite.


Logan had a clear choice for a successor (more on her in a minute), but the universe ended before he could get his affairs in order. But now a newer, crustier Wolverine has snuck onto the scene. You might recognize him from the movie "Logan." This wizened Wolvie comes from a reality where villains banded together and wiped out superhumanity. 

Escaping into the newly-born universe, Old Man Logan decided to stop the villains from killing everyone and remaking his old reality anew. Evidently he got bored of that eventually, and now he hangs out with the rest of the X-Men (including young versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Iceman, ripped from their past -- long story). 


On top of all that the son of a Wolverine from yet another dimension recently showed up. Meet James Hudson Jr:


If three Wolverines is too much for you, well, we have bad news.

3. Laura from 'Logan' is now Wolverine and has her own clone (and also a wolverine)


While Logan is off being old and grumpy, and his son is off being... young and grumpy... there's someone who has taken over  the official Wolverine mantle. The new colorful claw-bearer is X-23, though movie fans might recognize her better as Laura Kinney. 

Yeah, Laura -- the little girl from Logan -- is the new Wolverine. She even has a cool yellow suit (that she replaced with a grey one because, c'mon, Wolverine's edgy). Aside from being a literal clone of Wolverine (which is what she is in the comics) she's like her dad in a bunch of other ways. This includes having her own younger, clone protege.


If making clones of clones sounds like a dicey proposition, you'd be right. Due to dodgy healing factors, all of X-23's clones died off -- well, except one. Like her progenitor, Gabby is an unstoppable killing machine. Thankfully she's teamed up with X-23,  living in her apartment, eating pizza, and even donning her own suit. Gabby fights against the forces of evil with her... big sister? Mom? DNA donor? Whatever the case, they aren't alone. They've got a wolverine. As in, the furry woodland creature. 

Because the one thing Wolverine has always needed was a pet sidekick.


So yes, occasionally they wear sunglasses and hang out with a Gwen Stacy version of Spider-Man. Maybe comic books aren't all bad.