It should go without saying that if you're exceptionally weirded out by something on this list, don't hassle the artist or anything (sometimes you got a random idea and want to see where it goes, y'know?). But if you do like a particular style or interpretation, go ahead and see if you can support their work through commissions, prints, or just following them on social media!

1. "Goat" in the Shell by fanartiguess

ghost in the shell major kusanagi


2. Judy Hopps, Dragonslayer by Sunderance

judy fights a dragon

3. Disney-Zootopia Mashups by Starlight10058

judy nick zootopia hercules megara

nick judy tangled mashup

little mermaid judy hopps mashup disney


4. OVERLOAD by Neytirix

edgy edgelord zootopia fanart


5. "I Will Survive: Page 13" by borba


6. Humanized Zootopia Cast (Including FLASH) by St. Cygnus



7. Human BABBIES by Bomoon Jang

human baby zootopia fans fanart


8. Judy Has Had a Few by Plague of Gripes

sexy judy hopps


9. Size/Gender Swap by SirMei



10. Who Framed Nick Wilde? by trashasaurusrex



11. German Concentration Camp? Ok? WHY THOUGH? by anotherdumbblog12467

Think Zootopia Fanart Didn't Get Super Weird? You Were Wrong!


12. Nick and Judy: Manimal Style by vinrylgrave

nick and judy