There's more to the legendary imageboard than pornography, memes, and ironic (god, we hope it's ironic) Nazi imagery, sometimes it's about anonymous strangers reaching out across the digital void and sharing something positive in their lives... 

I mean, not often, but SOMETIMES.

1. Anon Loves Pizza and His Country

anon pizza hut patriotism faith in humanity


2. Anon hugs someone

anime anon angel paralyzed hug my wife

3. Anon throws a party

sister birthday party project x


4. Anon likes Yu-Gi-Oh

anon red eyes black dragon yugioh


5. Anon is making strides

4chan anon wholesome anon becomes a normie

6. Anon loves their dad

anon videogame dad die cry thread


7. Anon has kittens

kitty kitty bang bang


8. Anon offers a compliment

wholesome 4chan nice 4chan posts anon roast me no roasting


9. Anon loved beetles

beetle king anon loves beetles


10. Anon wanted a Gameboy

anon loves his mom