1. The Bacon Toaster by Nostalgia

bacon toaster bacon


2. Batman and Joker Salt & Pepper Shakers by Funko Home

batman and the joke funko pop


3. JAWS Shark-shaped Knife Sharpener by Propaganda




4. Cookie Monster Dunking Mug by InAGlaze

cookie monster


5. LEGO-inspired Cooking Blocks Ladle/Spatula?Holder Set by DOY

lego kitchen utensils

6. Death Star Teapot with Cup by Star Wars


star wars tea coffee


7. Marvel Civil War 2-Sided Cutting Board by THINKGEEK


iron man captain america civil war kitchen stuff


8. Hand Puppet Dish Washing Gloves by Fred

funny face puppet gloves


9. JUMBO Sink Drainer Holder by Peleg-Design

jumbo sink design


10. Custom-Modded iMac Coffee Maker by Kiwidee

iMac coffee maker