1. People seem to like having him around during heartwarming moments

hams hamill


2. He's like official friendly grandpa of the Star Wars sequels

3. You get a feel for his life "off the clock"



4. He loves animals


5. And learn about his legendary career as a voice actor


6. Like all old men he has a love of dirty puns

mark hamill butt compliment


7. It's a firsthand look at the life of an impossibly famous human being


8. He's still friendly with his former co-stars

harrison ford


9. And even the co-stars that he technically never worked with, technically


10. Always quick with a pithy reaction

luker skywalker speechless


11. He's always happy to pal around with fans

Joker fan crime punchline


12. Yet he can still speak eloquently when its needed the most

carrie fisher star wars mark hamill


13. You also get to learn odd little facts about his life (like he went to high school in Japan!?)

mark hamill yokohama high school


14. But in the end he's still a big-time movie star

mark hamill


15. No seriously, adding Mark Hamill makes any life event 400% better.