Ah, Kirby. The bastion of cuteness and innocent adorable purity who has done nothing but deliver solid fun games across a smattering of family friendly genres. Kirby! The famous round little puff ball that was originally just a placeholder for HAL Laboratory before they could design a "cooler" character, only to charm his way into gaming history. Yes Kirby, the pink-shoed childlike avatar of solid platformers and parfait consumption... now has a line of womens' sleepwear to call his own.

kirby panties

Nintendo and Hal Laboratory has teamed up with Japanese lingerie retailer PEACH JOHN for this extremely pink run of underwear, pajamas, and sleep accessories as part of the Harajuku-focused YUMMY MART line.

Some of the items for sale later this month include...

The Kiby Bustier Set

kirby bustier lingerie line

The Kiby Eye Mask


This Absolutely Bonkers One-Piece "Nightgown"

kirby nightgown

No Seriously, It Looks Like Kirby Ate a Human Being... Who Then Exploded Out of Him

weird kirby nightgown

For a more sensible look, you can check out these pajamas and this pretty neat backpack! 

kirby backpack thing

You can find more info on YUMMY MART's official product page. So far, no plans have been made to bring the line outside of Japan.