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I recently attended the Tron: Legacy midnight showing wearing my "The Dude Abides" shirt. While walking up the stairs a guy yelled to me, "Lebowski sucks!" Needless to say, we were each escorted from the premises. I have yet to see Tron: Legacy.-Anonymous

One day, the wi-fi on my Wii stopped working. Instead of using the Internet channel to look up porn that night, I had to make slutty looking Mii's on the Mii channel as a last resort. It was a struggle, but it was worth it in the end.-Anonymous

I use a C-3PO figurine to hold my retainer.-Anonymous

When I was six, I went on Amazon, during school, and ordered the limited edition Pikachu N64. I'm still not sure how I memorized my mom's credit card information.-Anonymous

Last year I went to an anime convention for a few days. My friends and I cosplayed as Ash, Brock and Misty. Second day of the convention, another of my buds suggested we blaze. After smoking so much that I greened out, I realized I was still dressed as Ash. I also realized I had successfully just destroyed my own childhood by smoking as my childhood hero. To this day I can't bring myself to smoke pot, and I'll probably never be able to.-Mike

I was fixing my boss's computer and ended up giving him a stick of my RAM after realizing that one of his was bad. I've been running on 1GB for a couple days. This must be what donating a kidney feels like.-Nate

My mom used to get me to eat my lima beans by telling me they were Senzu beans.-Justin

And the "Wow, You Win. You're the Biggest Nerd" Award goes to:Let me start this confession by just coming out and saying that I hate Call of Duty: Black Ops. This gives me an advantage with the ladies. They believe I don't want to waste my time on the new craze, and that I have better, more sophisticated things to do with my life.

What they don't know, is that I just believe Black Ops to be an inferior FPS compared to other titles on the market right now. Take Halo Reach for example. Reach's multiplayer offers just as much excitement as any Black Ops session. You just need more skill to reach that level of excitement. Reach is much less "spray and pay" than CoD. Much less. It takes three headshots with a DMR to get a kill, and nearly a full clip with the assault rifle. That's why all of the Call of Duty fan boys flock to Black Ops. They don't care about kill/death ratios. They just want to put four bullets into someone's leg and get a cheap kill. If they can't even achieve that, they resort to molding. It's deplorable how easy it is to mod a game like that and how often you run into n00bs that think they're actual gamers.

Black Ops only gets its hype from how successful Modern Warfare 2 was. People think it's the "bro" thing to do right now. Go on Facebook and count how many times you see "Hittin' up Black Ops" or "Anyone up for some Black Ops?" It's pathetic. Half the people playing don't even know the difference between Treyarch and Infinity Ward. Disgusting.

That's what girls don't know about me. You can call me a hater, a Reach fanboy or whatever you want. Just know that your girlfriends are going to be calling me when you're going for that next prestige. Have fun, bro.-Andy