Much like in the worlds of tech and finance, being a loser at first doesn't mean you won't be important later. It can be difficult to determine which movies are going to forgettable flashes in the pan, and which will live in forever in the cinematic Valhalla we call "cult classics". Here are 10 more beloved movies that totally ate it when pitted against hot trash during their opening weekend in the US. We grabbed the numbers from while the smug pontificating about the objective quality of a deeply subjective form of media is provided free of charge by us.


1. Shaun of the Dead could not slay Katie Holmes

katie holmes first daughter box office opening weekend

The year was 2004 and nobody monopolized the hearts and minds teen boys and girls more than Katie Holmes. Coming off her run on Dawson's Creek, this bright eyed starlet was ready to strike it big in motion pictures with... a critically panned rom-com directed by Forest Whitaker (yes, THAT Forest Whitaker). While Shaun of the Dead took a while to find its audience and cement itself as a true gem of 2000's geek culture (the movie still appears on t-shirts, keychains, and Funko Pops that you put on a shelf and forget about immediately) First Daughter is lost to time and a year later, Katie was already being selected by a secretive cabal of Scientologists to be the ideal mate for Tom Cruise.

2. Rian Johnson's Looper was taken out by an Adam Sandler Vampire Cartoon

looper vs hotel transylvania

Rian Johnson is a director who has proven time and again to have a knack for updating old tropes with style and panache. In fact, the announcement that he was going to helm Star Wars: The Last Jedi after J.J. Abrams left the franchise was met with cheers from fans in the know. His 2012 time-travel film Looper is an amazing example of how a creator can push through the most outlandish visions even with an extremely limited budget. Chock full of clever ideas and memorable imagery, it was a cult classic before it even hit the theaters... so naturally it had to be dwarfed by an Adam Sandler comedy. Not even the guiding hand of legendary animation director Genndy Tartakovsky could save Hotel Transylvania from being a critical flop, but much like 2013's rout of Pacific Rim by Grown Ups 2, the niche appeal could not beat mainstream family entertainment. 

3. Not even Frank Darabont could keep The Mist from falling to Hitman

the mist frank darabont hitman timothy olyphant

Ah, Hitman the movie so nice they made it twice. I'm not going to say that The Mist wasn't divisive, many people hated its now-legendary twist ending. But with such a pedigree asStephen King and Frank Darabont (whose previous collaborations were The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile) it's shocking that it got trounced by a universally hated movie about a bald man what strangles sometimes. The New York Times called Hitman an "action movie for bored dummies" while The Mist "wasn't half-bad".