The wait for Rick & Morty season 3 has been an arduous one - long delays, false promises of a premiere date, and a general sense of uncertainty, made all the worse by the unexpected cliffhanger that ended season 2, with Rick turning himself in to space-jail.

But, miraculously, Rick & Morty season 3 premiered out of nowhere...on a looping stream online on April Fools' Day. In other words: it premiered in a VERY Rick & Morty way.

And while people are still gushing about the show's (excellent) return, the Easter eggs sprinkled throughout, and the general niceness that the best show in TV is back and still in perfect form, there was one main takeaway from the episode: McDonald's Szechuan sauce.


For those of you who missed the episode, let me explain: the Galactic Federation has invaded Rick's mind, trying to get him to reveal the secret of his portal gun. But Rick's got other plans - namely, reveling in the ability to travel through his memories to re-live the sweet, sweet taste of McDonald's Szechuan sauce - a limited-time sauce offering made as a promotional product in conjunction with the release of Disney's Mulan in 1998. Even Rick's interrogator, Cornvelius Daniel, agrees that the sauce is amazing.

And, for a while, that seems to be the end of it. Until the end.

It's hard to tell whether this was intended as the actual, canonical ending of the episode - or just part of an April Fools' gag that will be retconned once the episode formally premieres on TV - but the episode ends with Jerry and Beth separating (with Jerry moving out of the house) and Rick revealing to Morty that this was his goal all along: to become the undisputed patriarch of the family and the universe and (mostly) to get more McDonald's Szechuan sauce...

So - that's Rick's true motivation: getting a long-discontinued fast food dipping sauce. That's it.

In case you were curious if this was a real thing: yes, it absolutely was.

Naturally, the internet is going wild over it - and everyone REALLY wants to get that sauce.


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The craze for more of that sweet sauce has had far-reaching consequences - like the McDonald's subreddit autocensoring all new posts about Szechuan sauce:


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And hell, a PHOTO of the original Szechuan sauce is going for nearly $90k on eBay right now:


Description from the seller:

You are bidding on an authentic autographed photograph of that Mmmulan McMcMcNugget sauce, printed shoddily on plain paper and sent in an ordinary USPS stamped envelope. You will also receive a complimentary sense of generalized bamboozlement for having the poor judgment to spend good money on this particular auction.

That's my series arc!


Hell, even ACTUAL MCDONALD'S ACCOUNTS are aware of the sudden and unexpected demand for a 19 year-old product:



One of the most incredible things about the Szechuan sauce revelation, though, is the fan theory that accompanies it: Rick's desire for more sauce is the REAL reason he's drooling all the time. He's salivating at the thought of the delicious McNugget sauce uncontrollably.

So there you have it - Rick & Morty finally returned, and all we're talking about is a 19 year old nugget dipping sauce.

God bless you, Rick & Morty.