5. Get the most from merchants by shopping during bad weather


Towns are probably the most reliable place to replenish supplies, but the merchants that hang out at BotW's various stables usually offer something interesting for the adventurer on the go. If you really want to shop savvy, however, wait until the weather turns sour. When that happens, the game's various traveling merchants will lower their prices and even offer rare items. 

See for yourself -- the first image is Yammo's regular supply, followed by Yammo's rainy day specials.



If you're really set on getting the best prices, you can always rest at a stable's campfire (or a bed, if that's your thing) until the clouds roll in. 

6. Stand on tables to annoy NPCs


Okay, so someone reacting to your character's near-nudeness makes sense, but here's where Nintendo takes it to another level. NPCs throughout the game get annoyed, pissed off and even depressed when you talk to them while standing on a table. 




In any other open-world game, none of the characters would blink at your blatantly rude behavior, but Breath of the Wild is different. The developers recognized that its players are going to do all sorts of goofy things with their lovely sandbox, and the developers planned accordingly.

7. Use Amiibos for murder


Amiibos aren't super fair in Breath of the Wild. All you have to do is pop one of the (genuinely neat-looking) toys on your Wii U or Switch tablet, and a bunch of free loot falls from the sky. Most Nintendo figures will just give you a random array of low level plants and food, but the Zelda figures have special drops including exclusive armor sets. It's basically on-disc DLC that you buy with an action figure.

The Guardian Amiibo in particular is impressive, not only because of its real-world size, but because it doles out rare ancient parts sorely needed for crafting. As it so happens, these materials come in big metal crates that materialize out of thin air. You're supposed to break them open with a weapon or a bomb, but then again, you're supposed to do a lot of things in this game. 

The range on the Amiibo drops is pretty limited, so you can really only use the Guardian figure as a weapon in select situations such as the one above (otherwise I would have dropped these boxes on a Lynel by now). But as it stands, magic crates summoned from a plastic toy is still one of the most hilarious ways to die in Hyrule.

8. Paint different patterns on your Barbarian Helmet


The Barbarian armor set is one of the most sought-after in the game for a reason. Yeah, its attack power boost is pretty nice, but really it just looks rad as hell. Link just straight up wears a skull on top of his own skull. Even better? If you go to the dye shop in Hateno Village, you can dye it with different patterns.


This is pretty unique as far as the costuming in BotW goes -- usually when you dye a piece of gear, all that changes is the hue, but here we're looking at brand-new patterns. All in all, you can customize your headgear with one of 15 different designs. But I mean, come on, it's gotta be that black and white one, right?

9. Troll mounted enemies with Stasis


This is a pretty simple one, but it's too fun not to include. If you've run into Bokoblins on horseback, you know how much of a pain it can be to nail those suckers, especially if you're without arrows or a spear. But if you've upgraded your Stasis rune, all you have to do is point and shoot at your mounted enemy, and suddenly the game turns into Looney Tunes

Hilarious and useful! That's what we call "practical trolling."