Heads up, we're going into non-story SPOILERS here. You were warned!

1. Sneak onto a Hinox the easy way


The Hinox has two modes: "Fast asleep" and "Trying to kill you." Confident that most passersby would prefer them to be the former than the latter, the giant minibosses sleep out in the open across the landscape of Hyrule. They can be tough to battle, especially early game, but there's a way to get a quick leg-up on these beasts. 

See, any Hinox you find keeps a necklace of weapons around its neck, presumably as trophies from the puny humans it has squashed. If you shoot an arrow into a Hinox's eye, it'll pop a squat on the ground for a minute to collect itself, and that's your chance to grab some of that fine weaponry hanging around its neck. 

Or you could just sneak onto the Hinox's belly while it's asleep. 

Without proper stealth gear or a high vantage point, it can be tough to clamber onto a Hinox to snag its swords. But if you walk onto its open hand, all you have to do is wait until it scratches itself and then you've got yourself a free ride up Tummy Mountain. The game can be a little wonky when it decides where to place you -- in case you decide to try this for yourself, I've found that sitting near the thumb provides the best results.

2. Use a lightning storm to your advantage


Rainstorms are the bane of any explorer in Breath of the Wild. Not only do they make climbing surfaces slippery, but should a thunderstorm kick up, it likely will render most of an arsenal useless. As many players have discovered the hard way by now, holding metal weapons or shields during storm is a good way to get yourself struck by lightning. Your items will start sparking for a bit to warn you of your impending doom, but you only have a few seconds to get into your inventory and change your gear before you're toast. 

There's a risky alternative, however. If your weapon is about to ignite, you can toss it say, into a group of enemies just before the bolt hits. 

The timing here is difficult to nail down, but landing that perfect strike is one of the most satisfying feelings in a game where everything already feels satisfying.

3. Get extra loot from dead Guardians


For reasons mentioned early on into the story, the spidery killbots known as Guardians stalk almost every corner of the map. You can avoid attacking them, but you'd be depriving yourself of their valuable loot, which definitely comes in handy later on in the game. 

If you happen across a decayed and lifeless Guardian in your travels, you can usually press a button to rummage through it and pick up an extra Ancient Screw or two. But should that Guardian corpse be sitting on top of some water, you might be able to use the ice block rune to tip it over -- and you'll be rewarded for it if you do. 

If there's no water around, you still might be able to make do, provided there's a metal object hanging around. 

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Just make sure to double-check that the old Guardian you're looting is really dead before that terrifying piano music starts playing.

4. Creep out people that are trying to sleep


We've talked a bit before about talking to NPCs without your shirt, but this one in particular is worth a revisit. A character named Parcy is usually hanging out around Riverside Stable, and will offer you a simple sidequest. But if you wait until nightfall and take off your shirt before waking her up to talk to her, she'll... react exactly like you'd think she would.


In a world where giant demon pig ghosts haunt castles for a century while a Princess waits for a skinny young elf to find a magic sword, it's nice to know that at least some things are relatively grounded.