The trailer just dropped this morning (ironically, on the one-year anniversary of Batman V. Superman's release) and it once again opened up the irritated papercut that is the DC Cinematic Universe and its controverisal love/hate relationship with the Internet fandom. Here's it is once again to fill you with hype, dread, or more likely some mysterious in-between emotion that probably only exists in the German language:

This is a pure subjective statement, but in a historical vacuum I'd say that it looks pretty darn rad! Lots of high flying action and good looking people being friends and kicking ass, isn't that all we've ever wated from a superhero movie? Here's a quick rundown on what the trailer did right (and why we may need to cool our jets anyway):

Point #1: They're not so grim/dark/serious anymore!

"Yeah!" bellows Jason Momoa's Aquaman as he surfs atop the Batmobile, ready to divekick the living f*ck out of a squadron of parademons. This is just seconds before Batman delivers a "womp womp" eyeroll to the camera after getting zinged in front of Commisioner Gordon. It seems like the DC Cinematic Universe is finally taking a cue from Marvel and letting their characters interact and have fun without the suffocating weight of their own symbolism. Though it's weird to see this lighter tone still taking place in a chromatically dark world. 

Point #2: More Characters, More Perspectives, More Fun!

While in Man of Steel Superman was a wishy-washy buff Jesus with daddy issues, and in Batman V. Superman Bruce Wayne was an illogical grump with too many spooky dreams, it was Gal Godot as Wonder Woman who stole the show just by occaisionally not grimacing and acting like what most people expected from a superhero. With a wider cast of charismatic actors, it seems like the non-angry-dude side of Internet fandom is chomping at the bit for these new castmembers who will bring a new energy. Don't believe me? Check out these reactions:



Point #3: A fun trailer does not equal a good movie...

Sigh... guys, we've been down this road before. Remember when Suicide Squad was supposed to be the great redemption of the DC Universe? Funny quips, a bumping soundtrack and likable stars portraying larger-than-life characters we'd been waiting to see on the big screen for years... only to be disappointed by a shoddily edited mess of a tentpole movie. The same glimmer of hope we're feeling right now feels oddly like the same optimism once felt for Batman V Superman as well "maybe Zack Snyder learned from his mistakes, maybe the first movie was bad on purpose to set up a moment of growth in this one". Nobody WANTS a film to be bad. A good story of adventure can make our real lives just a little bit better, and if the previous DCCU movies were enjoyable enough for you PLEASE don't let me rain on your parade. There is a LOT to like on display. All I'm hoping for is to live in a world with more Guardians of the Galaxy and less Green Lantern, y'know?

Point #4: Damn, it WAS a good trailer though, RIGHT?