The Kirby series has been one of Nintendo's most consistently reliable franchises ever. An almost perfect track record of fun platformers (and some kickass spinoffs) that are deceptively simple and rewarding. But the iconic cream puff has a bizarre dark side on the internet. By his very simple nature, Kirby's design is prone to corruption and WTF-ery in a profoundly disturbing way that we are unable to fully realize...

What we're trying to say is, when Kirby goes wrong, it gets very, VERY wrong...

(Hit "play" on the audio embed, and prepare for the worst...)

1. It started with this post from Marie Blue



2. Now let's see how much upsetting Kirby fanart you can withstand!

kirby goya francisco
Artwork by Sakkan

3. Here's something with a 1980's twist, you're doing great!

dorkly kirby challenge how are you doing handre 80s box art nintendo
Artwork by Handre de Jager


4. Ok, now it's getting uncomfortable...

gross kirby redesign
Artwork by Joel Fulker


5.  Oh no, why's he so bumpy?

weird kirby fanart challenge weird
artwork by Local Preacher

6. Still with us? Here, have some more foot stuff!

artwork by hector longshot
Artwork by hectorlongshot


7. This might be the worst image when you google "realistic Kirby"...

realistic kirby
Atwork by Rat-Mayiq


8. Ha ha, nope! It's this, definitely this!

reallistic kirby with legs and arms
Artwork by Pokemoneinstein


9. It's ok, you can stop anytime you want...

danbooru muscle kirby
Artwork by B. Scotch


10. Did you know that Kirby was just supposed to be a placeholder while HAL Laboratories finished designing another hero? True story!

kirby 2
Artwork by Brian Deakin


11. Christ, just THINK about how much creepy art we're not showing from anime forums on top of all this...

kirby anime loli girl gijinka
Artwork by rariatoo


12. How did you make it THIS far!?

13. Congratulations, you're dead inside!

Artwork by Brian Mutschler