1. How to properly install a CPU like a true expert

expert1 solder cpu socket pcmr

how to install a cpu


2. You might want to defragment that hard drive...

hard drive drive
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3. Oh man ANOTHER console exclusive!

pc gamer cringe awful hack console hdmi
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4. It's not supposed to do that

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5. Anon cleans his GPU... way too literally

Oh No Cleaning my GPU

6. Ex-Smoker cleaning his keyboard for the first time since he quit

tobacco ard cigarettes
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7. When you spent all your money on the cooler but can't afford a new case

oversize cooler thing
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8. Sorry I'm not home right now I'm walking in your spiderwebs

spider webs
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9. Cable management from hell 

server rooms
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10. Just like Dark Souls, NEVER forget your trusty shield

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11. iTunes. NOT EVEN ONCE.

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12. Now THAT is an open test bench

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13. How good can that cooler be if one if one protective sticker can ruin your temps?

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14. That's... not the proper dosage of Thermal Paste




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