5. Link has a special idle animation when he's shirtless

link flexing

Running around Hyrule in nothing but a pair of century-old boxer briefs will take a lot out of a person. No one's gonna blame you if the camera coincidentally comes to a rest with a perfect view of Link's naked torso. Hell, wait long enough and an idle Link will show off his most legendary weapons. 

Nintendo didn't have to do this. Nintendo didn't have to do any of this. Breath of the Wild would still be fantastic, but these little details will have us talking about this game for years. 

6. There's a really weird way to fix rusty weapons


No matter where you fall on the raging "weapon durability" debate, we can all agree that rusty weapons suck. The dismal combo of poor attack power and frustrating fragility make oxidized arms useless outside of the early game. At best, they'll do in a pinch when you need to throw a weapon at some dickhead enemy. But if you throw your rusty weapon at the right enemy -- say an Octorok on Death Mountain -- then something magical will happen.

Let me break down what went on here. Link threw a rusty sword just short of an Octorok. Said Octorok sucked up the blade, chewed on it, and spat out a brand-new swordReally. As long as you have rusty weapons, you can do this as many times as you want (though the quality of the end-product will vary). This technique even works with rusty shields! That's how awesome this game is, you guys.

A ton of people asked me specifics about this on Reddit and Twitter, so here's the nitty-gritty: If you'd like to try this for yourself, the ruins around Hyrule Field have a lot of rusted weapons. If you can find Shae Mo'sah Shrine (right next to Death Mountain), follow the road North and around a couple bends to find your rust-suckers. Contrary to a popular myth, these Octoroks will not repair heavily damaged (non-rusty) weapons.

Should you attempt this wondrous feat, make sure to stand in a way that the Octorok isn't going to spit your loot off a cliff into the lava -- I learned that one the hard way.

7. You can ride almost ANYTHING


You might have seen screenshots like this one across social media already, but it's too awesome to leave off the list. In addition to horses, you can in fact ride several different types of animals in Breath of the Wild, including bears. As long as you're sneaky enough, you can ride just about anything that has four legs and can also support your weight. Which means deer are also fair game. 


For the most part, enemies are an exception to the four-legged rule (I'd be too scared to ride a Lynel anyway). But an exception to that exception is the Stalhorse.


You can't register non-horse mounts at stables, which is too bad, because I think we could all use a wild ride on Mr. Bones. 

8. Hyrule has its own secret alphabet (and its secret own memes)


It's a rule: If a fantasy universe exists long enough, a unique language will just sort of manifest somewhere. In fact, various forms of the Hylian language have been around since A Link to the Past. Now with Breath of the Wild, we have a whole new language belonging to the Sheikah. These ancient people have almost vanished from Hyrule as of BotW, leaving behind their powerful technology (and also like 100 wrinkly old shrine monks waiting to hand out magic orbs in puzzle basements).

The Shiekah Language is pretty easy to understand since its symbols have 1-to-1 equivalents for the English alphabet. Pretty convienent!

via sparkthedarkness

Since remnants of the Sheikah civilization are ubiquitous to the point of being central to the plot, this new language is pretty much everywhere. The best part? Pay close enough attention and you can actually pick up a few tips.


The key to this early puzzle is the "Cryonis" rune, which allows link to summon a big ol' ice cube from any water source. The Sheikah language spells out "SLIDE UP" because solving the puzzle involves using Cryonis under the gate. 

Not many people are going to run across that little nugget of info before they figure out the puzzle, but knowing the Sheikah alphabet is a bit more useful when you get the camera and open up that album of old photos. 


Just in case some folks are still messing around in Gerudo Valley and avoiding the main quest, let's just say that finding the locations of these photos is important to the story. If you travel around enough you'll probably recognize a few landmarks here and there, but if you want to know the specific area to look, all you have to do is translate the Sheikah caption above the photo. Or just Google it, if you don't like fun. 

Some of the messages are a bit uh, less meaningful than others. Like the phrases discovered in an E3 stream back before the game's release in 2016. 


When the Sheikah Slate is downloading ye olde update, text scrolls down that reads "NOW LOADING." That makes sense, sure, but then there's the text next to it: "ALL YOUR BASE ARE--" If you're old enough to drink, you probably know the last three words of that sentence. Commence groaning now.


Yes, that was in fact a reference to the "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" meme, which was presumably still old when the Sheikah died out thousands of years ago. There are some things man wasn't meant to re-discover.