1. "Bird Person's Big Day on Blood Ridge" by Joel Kilpatrick


2. "What is my purpose?" by Bennett Slater

rick and morty realistic butterbotwhat is my purpose

3. "Summer. Where are my testicles?" by Jessica Edwards

Summer where Are My Testicles snowball dog


4. Rick and Morty by Xin Wang

rick and morty realistic painting


5. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT by Stephen Andrade

show me what you got giant headick and morty realistic

6. Rick Sanchez / Clint Eastwood by Bosslogic

rick sanchez photoshop realistic


7. Evil Morty by Everybery

evil morty


8. Krombopulos Michael (#KMichaelKills) by Connor Gartland

kromboulos loves killing


9. Mr. Meseeks by Mikkel-Mulr

Hi I mr meseeks


10. Portrait of the Scientist by Ashly Lovett

rick sanchez painting


11. Summer Smith by  killerkun

summer smith rick and morty realistic painting


12. Rick and Morty Forever 100 years by Christopher Shy

rick and morty forever 100 years