Overwatch is well known for its fun and cartoony artstyle (which makes it both easy on the eyes AND the GPU). But since its inception fanartists have explored these character designs and pushed them to their limit. So we thought it'd be fun to look at some pieces that try a "realistic" take on the iconic roster of heroes.

This gallery is the result of the hard work and talent of real human beings from across the internet. If there's a piece you particularly enjoy we strongly encourage that you click on the artists' names and see if they offer prints or commissions.  Or at the very least you can give them a follow on social media.

1. Lucio by c home



2. Reinhardt by Mordred

rehardt realism overwatch

3. Mercy by Saahil Dhar



4. Sombra by Jorsch

sombra realistic


5. D.Va by Amanda Schank


6. Tracer by terry wei

tracer painting artwork


7. Genji by Yang Yulong

genji hello here cutie overwatch


8. Reaper and Soldier 76 by Krabat

krabat reaper gabriel reyes soldier


9. Captain Ana Amari by c home

ana oung ana painting realism overwatch