1. "Underwatch" (Overwatch+Underwear, of course) 

underwear overwatch
photo credit: Cyberhead Designs


2. Snorlax by Black Meadow Studio

snorlax cosplay

3. Griffith and Casca by Intraventus and Stella Chuu

berserk cosplay katsucon
photo credit: Martin Wong Photo


4. Maui by Canvas Cosplay

photo credit: Jason Laboy


5. Warrior Arcanine by Danielle Beaulieu

arcanine cosplay battle
photo credit: David Ngo

6. Aku by Nana Scouts

aku cosplay katsucon
photo credit: mech-x-kitty


7. Legend of Zelda Fantasy Group by ShazuHimeMelvinopolis Costuming & Design,Lettelle CosplayMango Sirene and Cautious Amber

zelda linkle shiek link
photo credit: Martin Wong Photo


8. Super Sonico by Midge Scully

photo credit: Shashin Cosplay Photography


9. Halloween Reaper by Big Hero Vince

reaper overwatch cosplay katsucon
photo credit: Wallgazer


10. Those Handsome Final Fantasy XV Boys by Leon ChiroModerately Okay CosplayZimpup13 Cosplay and,  M.Kingold



11. Power Armor Pokemon by AznBubb1eTeaDunkMasterX, and SOL XXV

pikachu hello flareon pokemon cosplay
photo credit: Reggie Reyes


12. Chocobo by Byndho Gehk

chocobo costume
photo credit: Marie Newby Photography


13. Guts by Krypton Costumes and Props

berserk cosplay katsucon
photo credit: Lopez Arts


14. Spartan Eevees by Danny Do It CosplaysCastle Cosplay@icelancecritRobinDaHoodCosplay@gohanflex.ssTheLoMinhBehemothCosplay, and @battousai_jimmy



15. Reinhardt by Jessica Nigri

female reinhardt
photo credit: Martin Wong

Bonus: Nobody cares but holy shit it's the goddamn SWAT KATS by Slayer Braxus Cosplay

swat kats


Bonus 2: Dark Kermit by Tech Rambles

evil kermit memes
photo credit: Wallgazer