Two games have helped define how multiplayer shooters don't always have to involve firing your FN SCAR rifle at rogue PMC goons and terrorists. They also have sparked the imaginations of fanartists across the world with their use of colorful appealing characters. One is Nintendo's beloved kid/squid simulator Splatoon and the other is Blizzard's infinite money/salt generator Overwatch. That's why this series by Halie "Gamut" Kneeland's works so well, it's that core of playfulness and non-seriousness that unites these two series based on controlling territory and eliminating your enemy with colorful guns.

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1. Mercy

mercy inkling


2. D.Vadva splatoon squid kid inkling overwatch

3. McCree

mccree inling mashup nintendo


4. Genji

genji attack squid


5. Widowmaker

widowmaker splatoon

6. Winston



7. Hanzo

hanzo squid


8. Zarya



9. Mei

mei thing

10. Bastion

bastion squidling


11. Symmetra

symmetra squidling


12. Lucio

lucio hello


13. Junkrat



14. Reaper

reaper squidling


 Did we skip YOUR favorite hero? Check out the whole series on the artist's tumblr page!