1. Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) by Faraz Sayyadi

realistic disney cgi


2. The Beast by David Macias

the beast beauty and the beast

3. Ariel by Carlos Ortega Elizalde



4. Pacha by laloon

pacha just right meme


5. The Evil Queen / Witch by Stefanie Zirkus Bernardo

disney snow white cgi realistic

6. Stitch by Boris Kiselicki



7. Kuzco by Adewale Haroun

emperors ew groove kuzco 3d


8. Mickey Mouse by Murtaza Saeed

weird cgi mickey mouse disney realistic


9. Captain Hook by Gianmaria Della Ratta

captain hook


10. Gaston by Kaelin Hinnant

realistic disney gaston


11. Lumiere by Pablo M. Bravo



12. Ursula by Julien De Carvalho

ursula the sea witch


13. Kim Possible by Cycom Cheah Yew Chung

kim possible cgi


14. Hades by polydrawer



15. Digital "Clay" Sketches by Itay Schlesinger


simba lion king

megara igital cgi sculpt

lady and the tramp


16. Roger (101 Dalmations) by Leticia Reinaldo

101 dalmations piano roger disney cgi


17. Geppetto and Pinocchio by Kalin Popov



18. Kida by Alessia Maderick

When Classic Disney Characters Go 3D, Things Get Kinda Freaky