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Ever since the 80's it was every gamer's dream to carry their favorite games on their wrist wherever they go. Many kids remember the coolnessof those LCD wristwatch games, but now we look back at them as misguided and unwieldy experiences. But the team at Gameband refuse to let the fantasy die with their ambitious Kickstarter for a wearable gaming platform. 

Here's their pitch:

Don't want to watch another high-promising Kickstarter pitch with confident British people talking about their "brilliant" product? Here's the nitty-gritty:

Watch-Optimized Games:

Watch Optimized Games

While not really a "console killer", the bright AMOLED screen and Snapdragon 2100 processor should allow for some smooth animations and simple gameplay. The company has partnered with ATARI to produce wrist-optimized versions of their classic games (a good start for nostalgia and for a trove of simple, proven gameplay mechanics). They also talk about creating "mini" versions of established games like Terraria, but that's more speculative.

Portable Plug N' Play

plug n play

By utilizing the speed of USB 3.0 and the capacity of modern micro SD cards, the company envisions gamers carrying not just save files but entire bootable GAMES stored inside the watch. They partnered with the creators of Terraria because it exemplifies the kind of game where people would like to work on their individual worlds away from their home PC and it runs on almost any computer you'd be able to get your hands on. It's also worth noting that the company's PREVIOUS execution of this concept was with a wristband that could boot Minecraft. 

The Usual Smartphone Stuff


Notifications, music controls, text replies. We know the drill at this point. The smartwatch market never really took hold of the popular consciousness in the same way that smartphones did. While I know lots of people who appreciate glancing at their wrist to see how many likes their social media posts get, more people kind of shrugged off the idea. Hell, most folks these days have stopped wearing watches altogether. For what it's worth the $99 "Early Bird" pledge is cheaper than any other full-color/functionality models I can recall.

Wait, Who Is This For?

Do People Want a

I'm not quite sure... let's face it the term "gamer" can apply to a Korean LoL pro, a 50-year old arcade cabinet collector, or an indie dev who made a whole game about how war is like, SUPER sucky and everyone in-between. The ad is clearly aiming for hoodie-wearing razor-scooting teens, but do those kids have ANY emotional attachment to Pong? And if you're the kind of tech-savvy pro who needs a smartwatch, you PROBABLY can afford a laptop to play 2D games on the go already. It'll be interesting to see whether or not this project hits its funding goal AND if it delivers once it does.

Because until then, when someone says "gaming watch" I'm still just going to think about THIS: