eSports are getting BIG - TBS airs ELEAGUE, a CS:GO tournament with a huge prize pool, Rick Fox and Shaquille O'Neal each own eSports teams, and Twitch.tv nearly melted down when prominent League of Legends player Faker made his debut on the streaming service. And it's gotten so big that even CBS procedurals are doing episodes centered around pro gaming tournaments:

Yes, that's an episode of CBS' Bull - a legal show about a psychologist who runs a practice that helps lawyers select jurors who are predisposed to being won over by their arguments (and is actually based on the life of Dr. Phil McGraw). The episode is titled "The Fall," and concerns Dr. Jason Bull (aka NCIS' Michael Weatherly) helping a pro eSports player sue his manager after he's accused of taking a dive in a championship game.

And the show DID get real-deal gamers Morgan Webb and Kevin Godec (aka Purge), as well as featuring Amy Rutberg, aka Marci, Foggy's lawyer love interest from Daredevil (playing ANOTHER lawyer, although one who probably runs into less blind ninjas), so it's definitely worth checking out.

"The Fall" airs tonight at 9pm EST on CBS.