1. When we first met him, he was a badass shirtless trainer at a small-town gym 


source: therandominmyhead

2. Who demeans himself to become the goofy uncle to a bunch of travelling children


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3. He provides much needed wisdom to journeying heroes.


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4. But there's one real reason why Brock is a fan favorite...

source: Ibui Matsumoto

5. ...it's because he loves THE LADIES.

the ladies

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6. We all know that guy, the one who always plays it smooth.

brock romance

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7. But somehow comes on a little too strong?

here you go

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8.  Who else had the courage to admit that every cop in the world was SMOKING hot?


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9. He wasn't half bad himself.

brock cosplay

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10. However, Brock has a very nurturing side as well.

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11. His father was missing from home, and he helped raise his 9 siblings

dad brock

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12. Yet one mystery remains about this character...

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13. Something that has troubled pokemon fans for years...

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14. The source of countless amounts of speculation...


source: Eirenamuay

15. While some theories are actually pretty brilliant...

the truth

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16. The truth is, he actually does have eyeballs.

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17. He was there for our formative years

brock brock

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18. A guiding voice to help us on our way to becoming a Pokemon master.

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19. A steadfast ally and friend to all creatures


source: Kagebousi

20. And the man could cook a real mean "jelly donut"


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