1. Widowmaker by Alyson Tabbitha

widowmaker cosplay allyson tabbitha
photo credit: David Ngo



2. Soldier: 76 by Hendo Art

soldier 76 york in a box cosplay overwatc
photo credit: YorkInABox

3. Sombra by Soni Aralynn

photo credit: The Kaigan

4. Zenyatta by Shellshocked Cosplay

zenyatta cosplay
photo credit: Greg DeStefano Photography


5. Mei by Momokun

mei overwatch thicc cosplay overwatch butt
photo credit: YorkInABox

6. Reaper by Jynx Art and Cosplay

reaper cosplay femme
photo credit: Think.Nu


7. Hanzo by Sunny Side Cosplay




8. Imp Mercy by Stella Chuu

Imp Mercy cosplay Stella Chuu
photo credit: Doug's Photography


9. Genji by 蔡锦

genji cosplay armor
photo credit: John Jiao Photography


10. Reinhardt (Blackhardt) by Egg Sisters Cosplay

Overwatch Cosplays That Are SICK. AS. HELL.



11. Ana by Sick Horse Costumery

ana cosplay avery faeth
via YorkInABox

sick horse ana cosplay hello thing
via YorkInABox

12. D.Va (and MEKA) by HoiHoiSan

dva meka overwatch cosplay


13. Zarya by Jechts Cosplay

zarya crossplay
photo criedit: David Ngo


14. Roadhog by Bellexi

roadhog plus size cosplay female cosplay
photo credit: Rich and Strange Photography


15. Witch Mercy by Vicky Lau

vicky rcy thing hello
photo credit: David Ngo

photo credit: Vivid Vision