1. Katara by Courtoon

Via FuzzyPanda0

2. Mai by Wisperia

undefinedPhoto by mokrushina

3. Smellerbee by Scribblebug


4. Asami Sato by Kamiko-Zero

undefinedPhoto by mokrushina

5. Fire Nation with Luciferbob, Maid Of Might, Hendo Art, and Shannahbananas

undefinedPhoto by YorkinABox

6. Azula, Ty lee, and Zuko by Gurl with Red Hair and Bowbat Cosplay

undefinedPhoto by Joits

7. Kyoshi Warriors 

Photo by OTLProductions

8. Ty Lee by Lisa-Lou-Who


9. Zuko and Uncle Iroh (is this you? let us know in the comments!)

undefinedVia cosplay-paradise

10. Mako by Light Returns

Photo by YorkinABox

11. Toph by makeshiftwings30

undefinedPhoto by Neko-Kaolla