Someone's Impersonating Junkrat In Overwatch and It's Seriously Amazing

Sure, lots of people can COSPLAY as Overwatch characters, but it takes REAL dedication to ROLEPLAY as them DURING THE ACTUAL GAME. Enter a player known only as "Junkrat" - you'll never guess who he plays as!

That's right - he's a Junkrat player, and he not only has a pitch-perfect Junkrat voice (aka The Joker, but Australian), but he also is incredibly good at improvising lines AS Junkrat that feel completely in line and consistent with his character. Plus, he's got the laugh DOWN.

Seriously, you need to hear this:

People are already loving this guy's performance to the degree that they're saying that a lot of his improv'd lines should be worked into the actual game as real voice lines (which already happened with Sombra's "Boop!"), with some of the favorites being:

  • "I LOVE fuckin' up Winston's room!"
  • "Is it hot in here, or is it just me?!"
  • "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot, I'm a friendly anarchist!"

The question that a lot of people seem to have after watching this video is - could this REALLY just be just an impersonator? It sounds a little TOO good - could it be Junkrat's ACTUAL voice actor, just goofing around with people in the game? It wouldn't be the FIRST time some Overwatch voice actors goofed around in the game and voiced their characters over chat:

Well, according to Junkrat's actual voice actor - Chris Parson - the answer is no:

So - there's someone out there doing amazing Junkrat impressions and making rounds a LOT more interesting. That's good to know.