Has the Resident Evil movie franchise really hit six movies? Mila Jovovitch and Paul W.S. Anderson's 15-year-old pet project will finally be coming to a close, but not before Resident Evil: The Final Chapter drops another wild action romp on us this Friday.

The movies and the games have always been in different story lanes while ocassionally cycling in the same characters, but they've both got equally silly and ridiculous moments in spades (Resident Evils 4 and 7 nowwithstanding). But that's why we love Resident Evil, isn't it? Before we get to see how Albert Wesker has screwed the world over this time, we did some digging to find some of the stupidest moments in Resident Evil movie history.


1. The laser wall (Resident Evil)

Alice and her gang of survivors ran into the world's craftiest laser grid near the end of the very first movie - and cut them all up into delicious fake-looking chunks. 

2. vs. The Licker (Resident Evil)

One of your friends is slowly turning into a zombie and a giant meaty creature is running at you on all fours - what do you do? Marvel at the fact that it looks like it stepped out of a Doom game for the Windows 98. 

3. The Nemesis fight (RE: Apocalypse) 

First of all, this movie managed to bring one of the games' most iconic characters to life in a beautiful way...until he starts to move. Matthew G. Taylor, the poor soul stuck in the suit, can barely move for his big fight with Alice, and it shows in all those fast cuts. Tragic. 

4. The Dog Fight (RE: Extinction)

Resident Evil: Extinction decided to dive into The Hills Have Eyes territory for a few seconds when Alice is locked up in a pit with some of those vicious zombie dogs from the first movie. Alice being Alice, it's only a matter of time before she manages to outsmart the dogs and turn them on their stereotypical desert dweller owners. The stupidest part here being that the dogs look like someone slathered their fur with barbecue sauce and called it a day before sicing them on Alice. 

5. vs. Wesker and...more dogs (RE: Afterlife) 

Aside from Shawn Roberts' irritating Wesker accent and those hilarious red reptile eyes, we've got Chris (Wentworth Miller) and Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) fighting a haze of bad teleportation effects and, yes, even more zombie dogs. Alice busting out her sawed-off shotguns that shoot quarters(!!!) is an incredible sight to behold though, especially because she's blasting through those awful looking tentacles.  

6. Michelle Rodruiguez fight scene (RE: Retribution)

All things considered, this fight featuring a T-Virus infected Michelle Rodriguez is actually pretty badass. But it's almost rendered moot by a hilariously cartoonish sound effect at the :50 second mark. I'm invested in whether or not Boris Kodjoe and Leon Kennedy here are gonna manage to win, and then I hear this sledgehammer noise when a fire extinguisher hits Rodriguez's face. WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?!?  

7. All hail President Wesker (really) (RE: Retribution)

Wesker abdicated from the Umberlla Corporation at the beginning of this movie, but don't think he's still not thirsty for power. By Retribution's end, Wesker made himself President of The United States before once again infecting Alice with the T-Virus to force her help in taking down Umbrella once and for all. They're lucky that walking smirk sitting in the Oval Office was the last scene of the movie because how do you top that?