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Playing hardcore TDM on Black Ops I joined a lobby with about 10 seconds before Nuketown started. I had obviously joined in the middle of a conversation because all I heard was "… I don't care if she apologizes and scrubs her feet with Ajax, I'm going to stay here and play until about 3:30."-Steve
So one day me and my buddy Dilly were playing RBSV2 with a guy who must have been 13 to 15 years old. We started hearing his mom on the other end of the mic. His mom was asking him if he was gay or not, because she was trying to set him up with the neighbor's gay son. His reply to his mother was "I'm only gay on Tuesday, Mom!"SD
While playing a game of Halo 2 a while back my friends and I were playing a marathon of team slayer with our Aussie friend Static. After about an hour or so, one of our friends left and was promptly replaced with my friend's little brother. After a particularly exciting game where Static went 18-0 my friend's little brother stated the following:
Brother: Static I've been wondering something.Static: Yes?Brother: How the hell do you get electricity to your hut?There was a long silence followed by a burst of laughter when we realized he was serious.Static: I have a kangaroo on a treadmill in my backyard.-Joe

My friend started arguing with this guy in my Xbox party, and this guy starts ranting to my friend:
"Dude, I'ma smite you like that Pokémon move. Then you'll have no PP and have to use struggle. And god, hope you don't start doing yu-gi-oh. Dude, I'll mirror force you so you can't use sakeraku armour. Dude, you attack me, I mirror force, all your monsters die and I win. You're like AWW MAN AWW MIRROR FORCE and I fuckin' Marshmallow you."After my friend kicked him he sent him a message saying 'Sniff Sniff, Hooray!'-Sean H.
I was playing Halo Reach and some kid was sniping out our whole team. One guy then proceeded to yell "Fucking campers, I'm going to pitch a tent in your ass and rape it dry." - Matt
One night playing MW2 I was talking to some randomly matched guys. Naturally the topic switched to how great it felt to drop a deuce. One of the guys chimed in and said "I haven't had a solid shit in four years." -KJ