If there's one enemy in the Mushroom Kingdom feared above all others it's... well, probably that Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3. And I guess that mask from Super Mario Bros 2. that would relentlessly hunt you down for stealing its key was also terrifying. But besides those guys, the Big Boos were the biggest pain. 

They're huge, they stalk you throughout the levels they inhabit, and worst of all: They're invincible. At best, you can spin jump and bounce over their heads. At worst, you can get yourself trapped in a nest of Big Boos with no way out. But unless you have a cape handy for a quick dive bomb, there's no way to kill these giant pale bastards. Or maybe you could just, as the wonderful blog SupperMarioBroth points out, you slide down the stairs. 

I know, right? Who would have thought of the toughest enemies in Super Mario World could be defeated by the butt of a small Italian man? This is on par with discovering that the bushes in Super Mario Bros. are recolored clouds. 

I'm sure there are plenty of brilliant know-it-alls (read: filthy liars) that will claim "This is well-known" or "I did this when I was a kid." But for the rest of the Mario fans at large, this is nothing short of a revelation. The power butt-slide even goes beyond busting ghosts. 

Remember those deadly, invulnerable green bubbles from hell in that one level? They're no match for Mario's glorious glutes. The same goes for sharper obstacles, too. 

Given the nature of that busted sprite, it doesn't seem like the developers intended any of this. They were probably right, too, since the majority of people are only learning about Mario's diamond-tipped ass just now. 

Turns out there are a lot of these "secret moves" in the Mario canon. Back in 2016 we got SupperMarioBroth to show us some more of the franchise's unique quirks, including the fact that Mario 3's Tanooki suit can vanquish fireballs and flame cannons. 

You can even find these kinds of delightful obscurities in newer games. Did you know there was a sweet double-kick move in Super Mario Galaxy 2? 

If your outlook on life was as radically changed as ours, be sure to check out the fantastic and fascinating Supper Mario Broth blog for more mind-melting tidbits such as these. 

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