I'm a firm believer that cartoons amplify real life in a way that real life just can't. This goes doubly for learning stuff, and The Magic School Bus helped solidify knowledge that no amount of textbooks could make interesting to me as a kid. Wanna learn about the solar system or how the body digests food? Why not go there in the backseat of a transforming schoolbus with a redheaded teacher and her pet lizard?

The show is scheduled for a reboot on Netflix at some point in 2017 in the truest sense; a state-of-the-art bus and new subjects to reflect kids of today. While they're at it, I've got a few learning suggestions for them. 

The importance of sleep 

Ingrain this in your kids' heads before they make the same awful mistakes we have. 

Alternative energy sources

At least get the bus to run on solar power! 

Honeybees (again)

The bees are on the verge of extinction, so maybe a quick reminder?

The effects of fast food on the body

We all love it, but it's time to acknowledge what Mickey D's will do to your body

Wireless technology (wifi, Bluetooth)

All those beams flying through the sky. Let's see the kids ride one!

Pluto's constantly changing planetary status

It's scary to think that Pluto was still a planet when The Magic School Bus ended back in '95. It's still up for debate, and maybe children need to understand why.