1. This is Popplio, one of Pokemon Sun and Moon's new starters

2. Even though Popplio is perfectly cute and capable, some have taken to hating on the poor clown seal

3. While Popplio isn't always seen in the most flattering light

4. ...some take the hate too far

5. It's hard to pin down why people dislike Popplio -- some think it's because its evolutions look feminine, but that can't be right


6. It's not like Popplio is a creepy abomination, either

7. Its evolutions aren't even ugly? To most people


8. Haters make it sound like a clown seal is a bad thing

9. Really, Popplio is a lot better than most people give it credit for

10. Heck, it's already got the meme game on lock

11. Popplio even looks cute as a human

12. In a way, Popplio is almost... divine

13. It's no wonder people want to care for Popplio


14. Not to mention protect it

15. If you're not already on board, there's plenty of room on Team Water Dog