1. The only game where a grappling hook doubled as a dating app 

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2. The only game with Pogo Sticks that defied the laws of Physics

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3. It completely redefined the meaning of "Fast Travel"

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4. You could do crazy things on purpose

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5. Or just sit back and wait for crazy things to happen by accident

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6. You could steal a car in the coolest way possible

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7. Or just appreciate the beautiful explosions

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8. Also the sneakiest, quietest explosions


9. You Can Ride Animals

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10. Animals Can Ride You

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11. You could straight-up Spider-Man your way through mooks

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12. You can backflip with extravagance

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13. Then there were the exploding spheres of death

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14. The very convenient wingsuit mechanic

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15. Superhero, you were basically a carjacking superhero

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