This past Monday (11/14/2016) a "medium-known" YouTuber who goes by Etika made waves when in the middle of a seemingly average stream he had a mini-breakdown and started showing off what looked like a legit leaked copy of the Nintendo Switch Tablet and Controller Dock, causing the live chat stream to explode with excitement and even fear for the excitable gamer's legal future.

Watch the initial reveal here (NSFW language warning, if you care about that sort of thing):

After a few days of Etika teasing and stoking the hype flames on social media and  with multiple sources disputing the system's authenticity it turns out that the device shown was not JUST a fake, but a fake created by Frank Sandqvist, the devious 3D-printer/engineer who was behind that bizarre football-shaped Nintendo NX leak that almost broke the Internet back in May.

Fake Nintendo Switch Pranks Thousands of Gamers, Here's How They Did It

Yup, you remember that guy. 

Only a few hours ago, Sandqvist posted this step-by-step guide on how he pulled off such a convincing prop. You have to admire how much skill and technology went into this mock-up.

Always remember folks, everything on the Internet is fake, unless it's leaks from Sony and Ubisoft, those guys have no clue wtf they're doing.