1. Ezio

    Good to have a new Assassin recruit on board, let me start to show you the ropes.

  2. Recruit

    I can't wait! I've always wanted to learn how to eliminate our enemies swiftly and clinically without leaving a trace.

  3. Ezio

    Well… swiftly yes… but we don't really care too much about the second part.

  4. Recruit

    Really? I mean, don't people notice, when you kill people?

  5. Ezio

    Maybe for about a second, but most people seem to think I'm on some drunken wager and get back to carrying boxes from A to B.

  6. Recruit

    But what about the guards? Surely they're constantly looking for you?

  7. Ezio

    Yeah, kind of. They put up posters of me, but that's about it.

  8. Recruit

    Posters? I've never seen any posters.

  9. Ezio

    They're usually quite out of the way, hidden on rooftops and places like that. Basically anyway that isn't immediately accessible.

  10. Recruit

    That makes no sense.

  11. Ezio

    I think they're trying to make it hard for me to find them as they know I'll just tear them down if I see them. Remember, this is the 16th century. It's got to be costing them a fortune to get all these posters printed.

  12. Recruit

    Well it all sounds pretty straight forward, and you seem like one of the few guys who has his head screwed on straight around this place.

  13. Ezio

    Do you ever feel like someone 500 years in the future is somehow looking back on your life?

  14. Recruit


  15. Ezio

    Oh yeah, me neither, just checking.